Do you do custom commissions?

Yes. Depending on my workload and the medium used, the time it takes to finish a piece varies. Please send me a message in the Contact section describing what you'd like included in the artwork (sizes, colors and/or picture references) and I will work with you!

Can you ship your art?

Yes. I am able to ship worldwide, but depending on your location shipping time varies. The shipping cost will be an additional cost added to the price of the artwork. If you live in the Cape Cod area, I will gladly bring any artwork to you.

Do you sell prints?

Yes, however only prints of drawings. If you are interested in a certain drawing and would prefer it as a print instead, most of the drawings I make can be made into a print upon request. Please message me in the Contact section if you would like a print, including size preference.

Does the artwork come framed?

No, the prices are for unframed prints/originals. The prints are deliberately left unframed because I can't anticipate your color palette selection for the frames and would prefer you to get something that compliments the artwork and its surroundings.